Our research group emphasizes translational science with the potential clinical application for Oncology. Our focus is on cancer susceptibility, functional genomics, and computational clinical oncology.

Cancer Susceptibility

A primary focus of our lab is the identification of susceptibility regions for cancer, especially renal cancer. Also, finding regions that are meaningful for the Brazilian population is one of our top priorities. We are also interested in how to apply those findings for Precision Prevention.

Functional Genomics

A key research area in our lab is to explain the susceptibility mechanisms. Using functional genomics approaches, we aim to find new oncogenesis process and opportunities for new therapies and biomarkers.

Computational Clinical Oncology

We have multiple efforts that emphasize the integration of cancer genomics and/or new computational technologies (AI, PDAs) for improving patient care and outcome. We are using public databases, internal data, genomic data, and collaborations to advance precision treatment.